Pre-Purchase inspection - pricing based on size, age and location of home

A pre-purchase inspection is an inspection of a property involved in a real estate transaction for the buyer before closing. This gives a buyer the information they need to make informed decisions during the buying process and information about home maintenance for your specific home.

Pre-Listing Inspection - pricing based on size, age and location of home

A pre-listing inspection is for the seller to find any issues that may come up in a buyer's inspection. This allows the seller to make informed decisions about their listing, disclosure and potential repairs or upgrades before listing.

Radon Testing - $100

Western Montana is a high radon area and is a lung cancer causing concern. Advantage Inspection tests for radon using EPA guidelines with CRM (Continuous Radon Monitor). This test usually takes 48 hours and tests for radon gas in the lowest occupiable level of the home. For more information about radon gas visit

Water Testing - $65


The EPA's rules that protect public drinking water do not apply to private systems. A simple water test can find WQI (Water Quality Indicators) that can let you know if your water is contaminated or not.